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Christina: 22-year-old living in Small-ish Town, West Coast. Lives with and loves BF. Has too many exes, some with interesting stories, some... not so much. Is still trying to figure out what to do now that her bff, Courtney, is two states away... again.
Courtney: 22-year-old living in Smaller Town, West Coast. Living alone, single and loving it. Has lots of scandalous stories to share. Missing her bff, but is excited about this new journey! Looking for Mr. Right, but will settle for Mr. Right now...

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Sex and the City + the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants + The Sweetest Thing...
Part young girl, part grown woman... a little bit of fashion, a little bit (well, hopefully a LOT) of sex... and probably more booze than what's healthy. We started this blog hoping to start a chronicle of our lives, now hundreds of miles apart, as best friends... with the help of a fabulous handbag, of course!

In which I grovel for forgiveness

Oh my fucking god. Last published on Dec. 22, who the hell are we kidding here?

Court and I would like to sincerely apologize for being MIA the last week. Court left Smaller town for a holiday vacation and, after canceled flights and the whole bit, is finally on said vacation. Without her laptop. She's a smart one, let me tell ya.

I, on the other hand, am not out of town nor on vacation. Quite the opposite, really: I've been a working fool. Worked Christmas Eve, have to work New Year's Eve (but rest assured will still celebrate) and I actually just got home not too long ago from work. Yes, I work on Sundays. Such is the business.

I have been busy, though, hence the extreme lack of posting. BF and I had a huge fight, almost broke up and, after making up (a few times), are somehow more lovey-dovey than before. We also bought a new vehicle and found out somebody in one of our families (I'm intentionally being vague here, I'm uber-paranoid someone will figure out who I really am) has been having lots of sexy time because BF and I are going to be an uncle/aunt again!

Anyway, I wanted to write something to let you all know that, yes, we are still alive and no, we haven't forgotten about you. Please forgive us?

Also I thought I'd share the beautiful merchandise BF surprised me with from Victoria's Secret! Well, sort of surprised, anyway. For those wondering, I was able to stop myself from snooping any further so I was 100% surprised as to what I actually got for Christmas from VS from the BF.

Drumroll, please:

This sweater, in blue and a black one is on the way. This robe, in purple. These slippers, in hot pink on the way. This shirt, in gray, on the way.

I did have photos posted but I put that to an end when they all started pissing me off.

Hope your holidays are going well!



  1. Madame Lefty said...

    Sorry to hear about the boyfriend and the fight, though thankfully you two are back together again.

    I had been wondering where you guys went. =)

  2. Rose and Jill said...

    Although it's not the sex-a-licous outfits you were expecting, he still did a great job on the VS stuff! :)

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