The girls...

Christina: 22-year-old living in Small-ish Town, West Coast. Lives with and loves BF. Has too many exes, some with interesting stories, some... not so much. Is still trying to figure out what to do now that her bff, Courtney, is two states away... again.
Courtney: 22-year-old living in Smaller Town, West Coast. Living alone, single and loving it. Has lots of scandalous stories to share. Missing her bff, but is excited about this new journey! Looking for Mr. Right, but will settle for Mr. Right now...

Behind the name...

Sex and the City + the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants + The Sweetest Thing...
Part young girl, part grown woman... a little bit of fashion, a little bit (well, hopefully a LOT) of sex... and probably more booze than what's healthy. We started this blog hoping to start a chronicle of our lives, now hundreds of miles apart, as best friends... with the help of a fabulous handbag, of course!


UPDATE for all of you followers: Please remember you can definitely still "follow" us. Instead of clicking on the "Follow this blog" link on the person's page, on your Dashboard you can click "Manage" under "Blogs I'm Following" and manually type in our link, which is:

We know we haven't been at this blogging thing for long, but we're moving outta this place.

We're breaking up with He just isn't doing it for us. Not giving us the pleasure we need. It was a great starter but after researching, can satisfy our needs.

You can find us at We'll post here, too, for a little while... but not the full posts. After awhile I'm sure we'll get tired of that and use only wordpress, so please update all links, reader subscriptions, bookmarks, whatever.

And please keep in mind we're new to wordpress, too, so we'll probably be fucking with that for awhile until we're settled.

Thanks! We love you all for cooperating!

C & C