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How much is too much?

This goes against everything I've ever stood for.

Since I first discovered it when I was a just-turned 16-year-old girl*, I've loved it. When I first started having sex, it was like a drug: I needed it and and it was always more, more, more. I couldn't get enough!

And let's be honest... by the time I turned 18 and went off to college, I was only able to feed and further my addiction. It was beautiful. Growing up in Hick Town, there wasn't a lot of, um, diversity. But College Town was full of all sorts of men and it was there I became acquainted with the legends of the black and Asian men. You know, the big and the small. As far as I know, both stereotypes are 100% true.

But I digress. For the last 6+ years, sex has pretty much been at the center of what I did. Everywhere I went, I was on the look-out.

But now... ohhh, now. It's a different story.

Maybe it's because it's so readily available (I mean, come on, I live with the guy and don't think for a second it takes more than 30 seconds to talk him into doing the deed**) or maybe it's because we've been together for awhile now (Have I mentioned anywhere this is the longest relationship I've ever been in? The next longest was six months and total hell...) but sex has all but lost the appeal it once had. Sure, I like to get down and dirty every now and then - once, maybe twice a week - but getting my daily dick has fallen drastically on my priority list.

I feel like Miranda in SATC: The Movie. (WARNING: SPOILER!) You know, when her and the girls are sitting around talking about how often they color. Once upon a time, I was just like Samantha. Now, though I'm truthfully probably more like Carrie in that situation (in real life, of course, I'd never talk about this!), I feel like Miranda.

Okay, so it hasn't been 6 months. Not even close and really? I couldn't go that long. But I'm busy and BF and I work opposite hours so damn it, I'm tired when he gets home and he's gone to work by the time I get home. And forgive me for not having a sex drive when I rush home for a quick lunch.

So what do you think? Is having sex once a week too little for a couple as young as BF (he's a few years older than me) and I? How often do you color?

* On a related note, how old were you when you lost your V card? Like I said, I was barely 16. Think what you want, but I don't regret it for a second. How old do you think is the right age to have sex for the first time?

** Who really says "doing the deed" anymore? Seriously.



  1. Jay said...

    I'm a married guy, and it goes back and forth. We have our fair share of 3x a week, as well as 1x a month. I guess relationships make things tricky, and taking the D & P for granted easy.

    If coloring is a euphemism for jerking it, I'm going to say 5-6. Whether that's weekly, monthly, or annually, I'll refrain from divulging.

  2. The Red Threads said...

    I'm going to pull Pysch major on you. According to my Adolescent Psych class, 16 is not only the average age for an American teen to start having sex, it's also the age where if you start having sex, you don't have some of the issues those that start younger have (this is a MASSIVE generalization of course... people who started younger, don't freak). 16 is just the average number for the most well adjusted. Lots of room for play.

    And I think you should start having sex whenever you are truly ready. Whatever age that is.

    As for relationship sex, Boyfriend and I live 5 hours away currently (I hate long distance) and see each other once in awhile on weekends. I love sex... LOVE sex. But we clearly don't have it a lot. Even when we do get to see each other, it's not always convenient or possible (damnit). So I think relationship sex is something that should never be a chore, but something that happens when you both want it.

    Of course... if a couple weeks go by, you miiiight want to schedule some sexy time.

    This concludes my novel of a comment.

  3. MacGirl said...

    when i moved in with my ex alst year we would do it maybe twice a week, it drove me crazy! Being someone who would want it at least once a day I think couples are age should be doing it a lot more than once a week, but that's my opinion. People should do whatever they feel comfortable with. I would like to say however that whenever I didn't get it I turned into some belligerent bitch haha. We have broken up now but he happens to be flying into the city tomorrow...but there is going to be all kinds of crazy sex going on this weekend with us. I know it's wrong, but why deny myself?

  4. Anonymous said...

    not often enough . I was 20.

  5. Rose and Jill said...

    I've been with BF for around a year and half. We're both in our mid twenties. At first we were coloring a lot. I do mean a lot. Like multiple times a day. As of late, it's drastically slowed down. Sometimes it's a couple times a week, sometimes it's once a week, sometimes not even at all. I think it's normal to drastically slow down as long as it still happens on a normal basis.


  6. choofy said...

    21--just the right time with the perfect guy and the best yet. ah, i miss him.

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