The girls...

Christina: 22-year-old living in Small-ish Town, West Coast. Lives with and loves BF. Has too many exes, some with interesting stories, some... not so much. Is still trying to figure out what to do now that her bff, Courtney, is two states away... again.
Courtney: 22-year-old living in Smaller Town, West Coast. Living alone, single and loving it. Has lots of scandalous stories to share. Missing her bff, but is excited about this new journey! Looking for Mr. Right, but will settle for Mr. Right now...

Behind the name...

Sex and the City + the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants + The Sweetest Thing...
Part young girl, part grown woman... a little bit of fashion, a little bit (well, hopefully a LOT) of sex... and probably more booze than what's healthy. We started this blog hoping to start a chronicle of our lives, now hundreds of miles apart, as best friends... with the help of a fabulous handbag, of course!

We got flippin' tagged.

We've been tagged by Nickie over at Learn To Fly.

[and we added some of our own questions, because, well, this just wasn't saucy enough for us.]

1. Do you think you're hot?
Only as hot as the next cartoon with an overly-sized head.
Courtney: Umm, have you seen our avatars??

2. Upload your favorite picture of you.

3. Why do you like that picture?
Courtney: Because of my perfectly side-swept, flowing blonde hair.

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
Within the past week, I don't remember exactly.
Courtney: Pretty recently-- a couple of days ago.

5. The last song you listened to?
Nickelback's "Burn It To The Ground
Courtney: "New York Girls" by Morningwood.

6. The last movie you watched?
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Courtney: loveactually at home / Marley & Me at the theater.

7. Last restaurant you ate at?
BF and I went to a Mexican place here in Small-ish Town today
Courtney: Had takeout from a pizza place here in Smaller Town.

8. Last book you fully read?
Marley and Me by by John Grogan
Courtney: Every Boy's Got One by Meg Cabot

9. What are you doing right now, besides this?
Watching Friends on TV and getting really tired
Courtney: Being lazy. Catching up on e-mails.

10. What name do you prefer besides your own?
Well, I don't like the nickname Chris, I'll tell ya that much.
Courtney: Court.

[11 through 20 courtesy of yours truly]

11. Are you a virgin?
I'm like the Virgin Mary.
Courtney: Mhmm...

12. Do you like to give/receive oral sex?
Like Carrie on SATC said, "It's not my favorite thing on the menu but, you know, I'll order it from time to time." And duh.
Courtney: Yes and yesss.

13. Can you remember who your worst sex partner was?
Most of my one-night stands... which is probably why they were just one night.
Courtney: Carpet burn never usually makes for a good time or memory.

14. Do you like to have your hair pulled during the act?
Love it.
Courtney: Pull away.

15. When was the last time you did the deed?
Let's see, today's Wednesday, so... Sunday? Monday? I'm not sure, exactly. It would have been more recent, but BF and I have opposite schedules, which does nothing good for the nooky-making.
Courtney: ...the Friday after Christmas. Ugh. It's been that long already.

16. How many different people did you have sex with in 2008?
One. I'm booooring.
Courtney: 11. I think.

17. Does size matter?
Yes. Height matters. Dick size matters. I don't want it too big or too small.
Courtney: I hate this question-- it really depends on the guy. If a guy is a little less than average, but has good moves, it's all good. But I won't turn away a well-endowed man, either!

18. Has anyone ever walked in on you and someone having sex?
Not that I can remember specifically... but if you knew me at all in College Town, that doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot.
Courtney: I'm pretty sure Christina and her BF both have on me when I was with BF's brother.

19. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
Courtney: 18.

20. Go wayyyy back. What's a memory you had forgotten about?
Fooling around in a car on the main street in Hick Town, not so very late at night. People knew what was up because, apparently, brake lights were going on... and off... and on... and off..
Courtney: Umm, let me just say we were 17(?), Christina's parents were out of town, she had a guy downstairs, I had a guy upstairs.

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    hahahah i love the questions you added

  2. Nickie. said...

    Hello again laddies! I nominated you for the Truly Beautiful Award! Love the blog!

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